The end of Miiverse, and what it means.
by Sikyanakotik

As of last night, Nintendo's Miiverse service, where Today's Client originated, has been discontinued. On a personal level, this is quite a sad event. Miiverse helped me through some rough times, introduced me to some really awesome people, and gave me the confidence to make my silly little game stories public in the first place While I would love to gush over my personal feelings about the service, the people I shared that experience with have already had the chance to read about that. More importantly, I must state what this means for Today's Client: the Comic Series.

First, it is no longer possible for anyone besides myself to read these episodes in their original form, or to read story arcs that haven't been released in comic form at all until I eventually get to them. Fortunately for that, I've already saved and backed up these episodes in my personal files, so my writing will not be lost.

Second, it is now impossible to take new screenshots past the end of what I've already taken, as Happy Home Designer relied on Miiverse for this feature. This means, barring a major change in format, there will be no new episodes past the end of the original Miiverse run. With around a year and a half of content to get through, I wouldn't worry about running out of episodes any time soon, but the series now has a definite end point. And I can't replace or repair screenshots that have already been taken either.

That said, there's still quite a ride ahead of you guys. I don't want to spoil too much if you haven't read it already, but I don't think we've even gotten to the point where the series really hits it stride yet! Have fun reading! And designing, of course.

Change in upload schedule
by Sikyanakotik

Hi! I, uh, guess I haven't used this before. I'm the guy who writes this stuff. Well, wrote it.

Anyway, the original plan for uploads was to provide three episodes every weekday, for a total of 15 every week. It's a pace I can definitely keep up with, but tehre are still a few problems I've noticed. First, I miss out on the weekends, which is when I get the most readers. Second, I end up with strips going live at 3 am, when nobody's on to notice. And lastly, it's probably too much to ask at once from my readers who want to keep up with this.

So starting right now, I'm changing the schedule I'm switching to two pages every day. This not only fixes these problems, but ensures there's always new content for you guys in the mornings and evenings. And it only means one less chunk of content per week, which is negligable. And that's pages now, not episodes, so you don't have to worry about me uploading two pges at once any more.

Thank you, dear readers, and have fun designing!