About Today's Client: the Comic Series

What is this I can't even …

Today's Client is a screencap comic series using Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. It was originally posted as a daily series on Nintendo's Miiverse service. It began as a lets-play series encouraging people to visit and vote on my designs within the game, but quickly grew into a complex episodic narrative stretching from October 2015 through November 2017. It was my first serious writing project and a much-needed creative outlet.


Who writes this?

Today's Client was created by myself: Patrick D. Reding, also known as Sikyanakotik.  I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1983, and trained as a programmer over two bachelors degrees, but I've always had a passion for games and storytelling.


How do you pronounce …

Seek-yawn-a-coat-eek. Roughly. If you see that name elsewhere, it's probably still me.


Do you have any collaborators?

No. Aside from the intellectual property and software provided by Nintendo, all text, screenshots, and drawn images in this comic were created solely by myself.


What is Miiverse?

Miiverse was an official forum service created and maintained by Nintendo for the discussion its games on 3DS and WiiU. It could formerly be reached at miiverse.nintendo.net. However, the service was discontinued in November 2017. If I hadn't backed up my episodes of this series, and subsequently created this site to host them, my writing and drawings would have been lost forever.


So, did you make a screencap comic because you can't draw?

… I can draw. Making cover images for this series has been fantastic practice, and inspired a number of standalone artworks. You can see my art at sikyanakotik.deviantart.com. Be forewarned that this art may contain spoilers for later chapters.


What does the date above each episode mean?

That is usually the original publication date of each episode on Miiverse. This is also usually the date within the comic, as the series was written in real time.

However, the date is not always accurate. Some episodes were written explicitly for the comic version at a later date. Other episodes from the original run have been re-dated to smooth out gaps or to provide a more realistic timing of events.


Are you just copying your old work?

Not exactly. While the primary goal is to preserve my prior work, I am taking the opportunity to edit and refine each episode before I post them. Some episodes, particularly from the beginning of the series, have been completely rewritten. Others are completely original to the comic version.


How are you uploading episodes so quickly!?

Like I said, the first draft of each episode has already been written. Editing and converting is relatively quick compared to writing an episode from scratch.


It looks like you made this with a word processor …

LibreOffice, yes. Do you know a better way to format multiple paragraphs of text?

After converting the document to PDF, I trim and stitch the pages together in GIMP. I also use GIMP for compositing or special effects where needed.


Why are the screenshots so small?

Two reasons. First, the screenshots were captured on a Nintendo New 3DS XL, which only has 400-by-240 pixel resolution on its largest screen. So you really aren't losing much detail at the current size.

The second reason is ComicFury's cap on file sizes for uploaded images. While I can and have cut episodes into multiple pages, I would prefer to use one page per episode whenever I can to avoid breaking up the narrative flow. Larger images would mean I have to cut episodes up much more frequently.


Why are the HHN addresses blanked out? And why don't the QR codes work?

The Happy Home Network service only keeps uploaded designs for a limited period of time, which is usually about two weeks. As a result, none of my uploaded designs can be visited at present. But since posting the address is an important part of the signoff in most episodes, I decided not to remove mention of the address entirely. Hence the blanks.

Also, the QR codes never really worked in the first place due to JPEG compression. You can blame Miiverse for that.


I have feedback.

By all means, share it in the comments! I love reading it, even when it's negative. It's the only way I'll learn, so please be brutal. Just be forewarned that any feedback will not be able to affect the course of this story.


I noticed an error.

Please leave a comment under the relevant strip, and I will correct it as soon as I am able.


What is your policy on derivative fan works of your comic?

Considering Today's Client is itself a fan work, it would be hypocritical of me to think ill of them. If I have inspired you, then by all means, create! I only ask that you let me know where your work is posted so I may have to chance to see it.


Are you crazy?

I promise I'm not.

In all seriousness, while the character "Rover" is meant to represent the author within the story, I deliberately exaggerated his playful and neurotic aspects to make the character more entertaining. He is not a 100% accurate representation of myself. Which should be obvious, as I am not a cartoon cat.


Where else can I find you?

E-mail: patrick_reding@hotmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Sikyanakotik
DeviantArt: sikyanakotik.deviantart.com
ComicFury: comicfury.com/profile.php?username=Sikyanakotik

I'm a lawyer …

Today's Client is copyright 2015-2018 Patrick Dale Reding. All rights are reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, mirroring, or resale of comic pages or scripts is expressly forbidden without the explicit consent of Patrick Dale Reding, except as already granted to Comic Fury for their hosting services.

"Animal Crossing", "Happy Home Designer", "amiibo", "Super Mario", and all related characters, software, art assets, trademarks, and other intellectual property are property of Nintendo of America Inc.

"Pokémon", "Raichu", and "Pikachu" are property of Nintendo of America Inc., Game Freak Inc., and The Pokémon Company.

"Fire Emblem" and all related characters, software, art assets, trademarks, and other intellectual property are property of Nintendo of America Inc. and Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.

"Final Fantasy", and the characters of "Bomb" and "Cloud Strife" are property of Kabushiki Kaisha Square Enix Holdings.

"Monster Hunter", "Felyne", and all related characters, art assets, trademarks, and other intellectual property are property of Capcom Co., Ltd.

This comic series is presented as a work of parody under the Copyright Act of Canada, and thus is presumed by its author to constitute fair dealing. This work is not intended to compete with or diminish the properties of the rights holders mentioned in any way, nor does the author claim to represent or act in the capacity of any of said rights holders. The views expressed by characters in the comic do not necessarily represent those of the author, the rights holders, or Comic Fury.

If you have any issues, you may contact the author using any of the links in the previous section.


If you're answering questions, why didn't you call this an FAQ?

Because nobody actually asked any of this yet. Or at least, they haven't asked it here. So that would be disingenuous, wouldn't it?